Pediatric Oncology Patients' Artwork - Gallery 3

Last Modified: November 1, 2001

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By: Susan, Age 17

By: Tyler, Age 7

By: Sarah, Age 6

By: Sasha, Age 6

By: Sharon, Age 6

By: Adrienne, Age 7

By: Gavin, Age 9

By: Lauren, Age 8

By: Clayton, Age 6

By: Tommy, Age 11

By: Lauren, Age 8

By: Justin, Age 6

By: Chloe Rae, Age 4

By: Natasha, Age 5

By: Mara, Age 7

Opioid Use Before Death Varies in Pediatric Cancer Patients

Oct 22, 2014 - The percentage of hospitalized pediatric oncology patients receiving opioids during their last week of life varies substantially depending on the hospital, according to study findings released online Nov. 6 in advance of publication in Pediatric Blood and Cancer.