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Nutrition and Chemotherapy after Gastric Bypass Surgery
Question I had gastric bypass surgery about 5 years ago. Now I am about to start treatment for colon cancer with chemo. I am really worried about how to manage ..
Nutritional Supplements Drinks after Radiation
Question My husband has trouble with thick secretions after radiation, but also we are trying to maintain his weight. People had suggested Boost, but I am worried that" a milk-like ..
Importance of Low Iodine-Diet
Question If you mess up your low-iodine diet will the treatments be less effective? I am so stressed out about this diet! Answer Marcia Brose, MD, Director of Thyroid Cancer ..
Diet After Thyroid Surgery
Question What kind of diet do I need to follow if I had surgery for thyroid cancer or have a recurrence of thyroid cancer? Answer Rachel Kelz, MD, MSCE, at ..
Raw Diet for Pets with Cancer
Question I've read that a diet free of grains may slow the cancer, is this accurate? what are the panel's thoughts on the Budwig diet or flax oil/cottage cheese combination? ..
Diet Needs for Dog Being Treated for Cancer
Question My dog is starting on chemo for lymphoma. Do you have suggestions for a diet that might help manage any side effects or keep him from losing weight? Erika ..
Nutritional Status and TPN
My father has had a total small bowel and sub-total large bowel resection due to a carcinoid tumor. He is currently on a total TPN diet but continues to lose ..
Liquid Nutrition Supplements
Should I take liquid nutrition supplements during my cancer treatment? Katrina Claghorn, RD, Oncology Dietitian for The University of Pennsylvania Health System, responds: Maintaining your nutrition status during the course ..
Post-Gastrectomy Nutrition
Dear OncoLink "Ask the Experts," My father had a gastrectomy for his gastric cancer 3 weeks ago. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. The main problem for him now is discomfort ..
Nutrition During Bone Marrow Transplant
Dear OncoLink "Ask the Experts," I am a Staff Nurse doing a research project on nutrition and bone marrow transplant. I was wondering whether you had any up to date ..
Total Parenteral Nutrition concerns
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My mother is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. She was placed on Total Parenteral Nutrition. Is this nutrition complete for her? Can it cause her cholesterol ..
Being proactive with your nutrition when receiving cancer treatment to the head and neck area
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I have recently undergone surgery for removal of an encapsulated squamous cell tumor on the right side of my neck (and a small piece from ..
Nutrition During Interferon
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My brother has been diagnosed with melanoma, stage four. I will be his caregiver when he has his 30 days of Interferon. I know he ..
Nutritional Supplements #19; Non-Mucus Forming
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," What are some liquid, non-mucus forming nutritional supplements, preferably over the counter? My relative has head/neck cancer, has completed radiation therapy, and has a feeding ..
Nutrition for Cancer Patients after Gastric Bypass Surgery
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My friend has stage II ovarian cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy - 2nd treatment following debulking surgery. Prior to her diagnosis, she had stomach ..
Nutritional Changes Following Substantial Colon Resection
Dear OncoLink "Ask the Experts," I am looking for information about changes in bowel habits, changes in diet, other practical hints, tips, etc. after substantial colon resection following surgery involving ..
Nutrition for cancer patients after gastric bypass surgery
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My friend has stage II ovarian cancer (OC) and is currently undergoing chemotherapy - 2nd treatment following debulking surgery. Prior to her diagnosis, she had ..
Nutritional tips for radiation induced esophagitis
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," After radiation treatment of 2 weeks, my throat is so sore that even with painkillers, I cannot get food down. Now I have the added ..
Nutritional Status Druring Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My father was recently diagnosed with epiglottis cancer, and he just had his first chemo treatment and the first week of radiation. Are there any ..
Options for Nutritional Supplements
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My husband gets diarrhea from Ensure Plus. He has NOT lost weight yet but we are trying to be proactive. Can you please recommend a ..
Nutritional Supplements During Cancer Therapy
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," Are there any herbals or other nutritional supplements that should be avoided during chemo/radiation? Do any help?Karen Wagner MS, RD, LDN, Clinical dietitian specialist for ..
Nutrition and Diarrhea After Whipple Surgery
Question I have had such a hard time with eating after Whipple surgery. Can you help me to get better nutrition and to deal with the diarrhea? Do certain foods ..
Low Iodine Diet
Dear OncoLink "Ask the Experts," I am about to receive radioiodine treatments and I need to follow a low iodine diet. Can you give me any direction?  ThanksKB Katrina Claghorn, ..
The Gerson Diet
Have you heard anything about the Gerson Diet? If so, what opinion do you have regarding its success and validity? Katrina Claghorn, RD, Section Editor of OncoLink's Nutrition During Cancer ..
Macrobiotic Diet
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My father has metastatic colon cancer. I've been researching different types of therapy, including nutritional therapy. What is your opinion regarding macrobiotics? Is this something ..
Can diet increase platelets?
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," What can you eat or do to increase the platelet count? My father has not stopped bleeding at the colostomy location. He is also diabetic. ..
Neutropenic Diet
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I am working at a small community hospital. Our hospital does not have a uniform policy on Neutropenic diets--would you be able/willing to share what ..
Soft Diet
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," Can you give me some suggestions for ways to increase calories and nutritional values for someone who must eat a very soft or liquid diet?  ..
Full Liquid Diet
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My 79 year old father has had bladder cancer for 17 years.  We have just been told that he will not survive until spring, and ..
Low Iodine Diet for Vegetarians
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I saw your previous response to a low iodine diet. I will be undergoing radioiodine therapy soon and am a vegetarian. Most of my protein ..
Short Bowel Syndrome Diet
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I suffer from short bowel syndrome (SBS) due to extensive resection of my small intestines following damage caused by radiation therapy. I have been cancer ..
Diet after Bowel Surgery
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I'm a survivor of anal cancer and also had to have 6-8" of small bowel removed last year because my radiation treatment really messed it ..
Low Iodine Diet & Mustard
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My sister is going to have radioiodine treatments and must be on the low sodium diet. My question is, can she use the spice dry ..
Diet after treatment for ductal carcinoma of the breast
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I was diagnosed with Stage I Invasive Ductal Carcinoma 2 years ago at age 44. Chemotherapy of Adriamycin and Cytoxin followed my mastectomy. I am ..
Diet and the prevention of colon cancer
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," What role does diet play in the prevention of colon cancer? Thanks.   Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, registered dietitian at the Abramson Cancer Center of ..
Diet to Improve Blood Counts
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," My platelet and white blood counts are low and my chemo is being held until they improve. Is there anything I can eat or take ..
Diet and Preventing Recurrence of Breast Cancer
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," I take a great deal of interest in my diet and want to do what I can to prevent relapse of my breast cancer. I ..
Special Diet During Treatment?
Dear OncoLink "Ask The Experts," Should I follow a special diet during or after treatment to make my treatment work better or prevent cancer from coming back? Karen Wagner MS, ..
Lung Cancer and Diet and Nutrition
What would you recommend for a lung cancer patient, taking chemotherapy as far as diet and nutrition are concerned? Can diet and nutrition contribute to improvement? Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, ..
Feeding Tubes and Radiation for Esophageal Cancer
Question I had a consult with a radiation doctor for esophageal cancer. He said I need a feeding tube. That seemed kind of premature to me- do I really need ..
Dietary Recommendations for Mesothelioma
Question Are there any dietary recommendations or sources that you can recommend? Answer Keith Cengel, MD, Radiation Oncologist at Penn Medicine, responds: There are no specific dietary recommendations at this ..

Nutrition, Exercise Guidelines Updated for Cancer Survivors

Apr 27, 2012 - The American Cancer Society has updated the 2006 guidelines to provide new evidence and clinical practices related to nutrition and physical activity for cancer survivors during the continuum of cancer care, according to a report published online April 26 in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

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