Weight loss and Pancreatic Cancer

Last Modified: May 8, 2012

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Could you discuss weight loss and pancreatic cancer?

Lauren Ginipro, Registered Dietician at Penn Medicine responds:

Pancreatic patients often have difficulty with early satiety and loss of appetite which in turn results in weight loss. Typically we promote small, nutrient-dense meals throughout the day. If you experience early satiety you need to concentrate on eating high calorie/protein foods since you are likely only eating small amounts. You can add calories to foods by adding milk, butter, cheese and nut spreads (like peanut butter) wherever possible. High protein foods would be eggs, meats, and again nut spreads. Nutrition supplements like Ensure, Boost, and Carnations Instant Breakfast may also be good to incorporate into your diet to increase nutrition intake. If you are experiencing wt loss related to diarrhea you may need to speak with your doctor about pancreatic enzymes.

This question and answer was part of the OncoLink Brown Bag Chat Series. View the entire transcript from the Focus on Pancreatic Cancer Webchat.

AACR: Biomarker Panel Beats CA 19-9 for ID'ing Pancreatic Cancer

May 21, 2014 - A panel of three biomarkers together with CA 19-9 is better than CA 19-9 alone for diagnosing early-stage pancreatic cancer. These findings were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research's special conference on Pancreatic Cancer: Innovations in Research and Treatment, held from May 18 to 21 in New Orleans.

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